PCC Projekt

PCC Projekt – building information modelling (BIM) experience since 2005.

PCC Projekt was established in 2002 by four experienced civil engineers with design backgrounds who decided to combine their knowledge, skills, and future plans.

When we started the new business, we were guided by the principle that the work of an engineer is creative and an engineer must be able to focus on design. The aim was to simplify routine activities and manual drawing using technology. PCC Projekt has adopted innovative technology so that engineers could focus on their work.

In 2005, we signed a cooperation agreement with Strusoft AB, a leading construction software manufacturer, which brought to our disposal their entire product range. Our team implemented Impact, a tool for automatically creating product drawings for concrete elements. In addition to the drawings, our clients also get access to the model and their digital data. We made it our goal to make our clients’ lives easier so that they would not have to re-enter anything into their information systems and machines. It is important for us to choose the best tool for each project, which is why we implemented the Tekla Structures software in 2016. All of our designs for steel structures are made using this software.

Estonia soon became too small for our strong and competent team. We made our first export projects to Latvia in 2004 and to Sweden and Norway in 2005. We focused on our workload in the Nordic countries during the downturn in the Estonian construction market and now export approximately 90% of our services.

We have vast experience and skills in designing a variety of buildings, from simple projects to apartment buildings, libraries, hospitals, and nuclear plants.

Professionalism and development

We are dedicated to develop the best and safe solution. We value the knowledge and skills of our employees. We continually improve ourselves, share learning experiences internally, and adapt quickly to change.


We are professionals, we keep our promises and are responsible for our actions, and we always help our clients.


As a team we will achieve more and we combine our strengths and offer the best solutions. We recognize achievements and celebrate wins. We support a work-life balance

Certificates and markings

Our team of certified engineers includes:

level 8

Six Chartered Civil Engineers in Buildings and Structures.

level 7

Four Diploma Civil Engineers in Buildings and Structures.