Our clients include manufacturers of prefabricated building components, construction companies, real estate developers, and architectural firms. In our work, we follow the Building Code, norms, standards, and good practice.

We use BIM (building information modelling) in all our projects. Thanks to BIM, we are efficient, prevent mistakes, and enjoy a smooth cooperation between the client, architect, and engineers in other fields. Our solutions are innovative, meet the requirements, and are compatible with the technology used. We have long-term experience with various manufacturers and construction companies.

Our services:

Design of building structures

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Our experienced engineers work out the right solutions, perform the necessary strength and stability calculations, make the model, and draw up the design documentation. We advise the client to involve us in the project as soon as possible so that we could provide the most optimal solution.

Preparation of product drawings for reinforced concrete elements

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Preparation of product drawings for steel structures

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Expert assessment of building design documentation and buildings

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In some cases, an expert assessment of building design documentation is required by law, but mostly, we carry out expert assessments for clients who want a peace of mind and assurance that the project they have commissioned is compliant and optimal.

Consultation and advice

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Our top engineers are experienced professionals who can advise the client on any issues concerning building structures. If necessary we will include specialists with needed competence.

Design project management and general contracting

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At the request of the client, we are ready to take over the entire process of drawing up the building design documentation, involving specialists from other disciplines outside the company.