We spearhead the development of solutions for concrete structures in Estonia and the Baltics. The quality of our services helps our clients to build durable and smart buildings. We keep ourselves up to date with the progress in our field and strive for self-improvement to provide a good service.

Why become an engineer for PCC Projekt?

As an engineer at our company, you will be able to work on today’s most innovative and complex projects. This job will put you to the test and you will get a chance to complete a variety of exciting tasks.

We will help you to develop your skills. We set yearly development goals, allowing you to attend professional seminars and international conferences. You will have the opportunity to grow in your field and learn from colleagues.

Most of our projects and clients are from abroad. You will have the opportunity to expand your horizons by working with them.

Take your career to the next level with the help of competent colleagues, interesting projects, and new experiences!

Career opportunities and development

An engineering position will enable you to grow both horizontally and vertically – to a modeler, calculation engineer, or project manager position. Regardless of your position, you will have the ability to deliver high-quality, cost-effective, and timely service. In the course of your work, you will gain new skills and experience in many areas with the help of your colleagues.

For example, in:

engineering geology;
construction physics;