Students and trainees

Would you be exited to work at the leading company in concrete construction in the Nordic countries?

Is the area where you would pursue your dream career listed below?

Sales and project management
Building information modelling
Engineering calculations

Does the following describe you?

You are studying at a university or institution of higher education.
You are fluent enough in English to work at an international company.
You are active and curious and not afraid to ask questions.
You are accurate, precise, and organised.
You believe that everyone in the team has an important role and, together, the team can change the world.
You are willing to dedicate your time to gain valuable practical experience.

Do your expectations for practical training match those described below?

Acquire knowledge and skills under the experts in their field.
Gain the experience of working at an international company.
Apply your knowledge in the working environment.

Would you like to change the lives of millions of people with us in the Nordic and Baltic countries?

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All interviewees receive feedback after the interview and we give quarterly feedback to all other candidates.