Lead Structural Engineer Oliver

I joined PCC Projekt in 2017, when I moved back to Estonia. The job interview left me with a lasting positive impression of the company. We have good training opportunities, exciting work, and a beautiful new office.

My daily work mainly consists of structural calculations. Meetings and discussions with the team also play an important role in turning the calculations into a project. Our pleasant and highly motivated team helps to keep the mood high and maintain a good workflow.

In our line of work, regardless of the job title, it is important to have an interest in how and why structures work. A lot of work has been put into the development of manufacturing and assembling processes of building components and there are often good, well-thought-out reasons behind the systems. Finding smooth solutions for difficult problems is one of the most exciting parts of my job.

PCC Projekt has proven itself as a flexible, employee-oriented company. I have taken interesting training courses here and elsewhere and quickly earned the points to apply for the qualification of Chartered Civil Engineer in Buildings and Structures, level 8. A flexible work schedule allows you to organise your day or week so that work and everything else gets done. I certainly recommend to apply for a job here.

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