A student’s paradise

Karl-Johannes’ story

I came to work for PCC Projekt fresh from school. I was looking for work and noticed a job advertisement by PCC Projekt. They were quick to respond to my application – they invited me to a job interview mere hours after I had sent the application. Their quick response and interest in me left me with a very favourable impression because I had never seen other employers do this.

As a junior designer, I primarily look for experience and new challenges. PCC Projekt offers exactly that in the form of major international projects. I feel that I have great responsibilities, which helps me to grow on a personal and professional level. I also go to school, which disciplines and improves my time-planning skills and work ethics. Confidence, willingness to learn new things, and openness to challenges are the most necessary traits for my work.

I enjoy working at PCC Projekt because it supports my professional education and teaches me independence and responsibility. The diversity of our team is also important for me: we have men and women, young and experienced people, Estonians and foreigners. Although we are all very different, our team is united, open, friendly, and respectful. Our corporate events are always fun and memorable.

I recommend PCC Projekt as an employer because here, you can grow alongside professionals, study and work at the same time, and do interesting work with fun colleagues.

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