Young designer Kätlin

Kätlin’s story

I first heard about PCC Projekt as an employer from my coursemates. It was they who inspired me to apply, and here I happily am. PCC Projekt is a great place to start as a young designer. We are given a flexible work schedule which, for students, is very important. I used to go to school while working, which at first glance may seem very cumbersome and difficult, but it was made easy for me – I was given a fixed number of working hours and clear goals and results to achieve. It was up to me when to work; the important thing was to achieve results and get things done. This made me understand that time management and the courage to ask for help when things start piling up are very important in my work.

I use these skills in my daily work because there can be many different tasks to be done. During a typical working day, I model, draw up and inspect product drawings, and interact with co-workers. As I work a sedentary job, I walk my dog during lunch breaks. This helps me to gather thoughts and feel refreshed. I like that my workdays are have no routine. This means that the start and end of the day are not fixed, which enables me to play with my schedule.

I enjoy working at PCC Projekt and would gladly invite my friends to work here as well because the company supports and values the professional growth of its employees. I am also surrounded by helpful colleagues who are very dear to me.

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