Story of Our Head of Engineering

Tanel’s story

It always brings me back fond memories whenever I am asked about how I came to work for PCC Projekt. I heard about PCC Projekt from a coursemate on a fine Friday evening in the Old Town. Back then, I was a second-year student and had only taken three semesters in engineering. I asked the friend to give my contact information to the manager of the company and a week later, I was working at PCC Projekt. I have been working here for almost nine years now. Although I worked at another company for a while, fate brought me back to the company. I have worked in a wide variety of positions at PCC Projekt: as a drafter, designer, lead engineer, and now I am the head of engineering.

The biggest advantage of PCC Projekt over its competitors is that the company executives are engineers who understand construction and design. The management of the company has always been innovative in deploying various IT capabilities. We have been using assistive software that saves time on routine tasks already since 2005. While others were making drawings and adding dimensions by hand, the new technology used in PCC Projekt allowed us to do it much faster and more conveniently. It is understood here that skimping on tools and software is not reasonable.

Currently, I am the head of engineering and my task is to solve complex engineering issues concerning our projects. I do not like simple work – I would rather solve complex problems and find creative solutions. Self-learning is key to my work because every situation has a different solution which all cannot be memorised.

We have extensive engineering and technical know-how, which is why we provide a great opportunity to take part in various projects. We have considerable expertise in reinforced concrete and steel. A wealth of experience can be gained from international as well as local projects.

In addition, we have a fine and united team, where everyone is active and industrious. Provided with the right tools, knowledge, and software, each of us is able to thrive in different situations. Alongside competence and good company, PCC Projekt also values flexible work organisation. I have used the opportunity to take Fridays off to clear my head and spend more time with my family. PCC Projekt is committed to its employees, valuing their continuous growth, desires, and needs.

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