Designer from Ukraine

Oleksandr’s story

I am from Ukraine. I moved to Estonia in May 2018, when I started working at PCC Projekt. Some of my friends received job offers from Estonian companies, which also sparked my interest. I decided to start looking for work in Estonia and hit the jackpot – I was hired by PCC Projekt. I really enjoy working at PCC Projekt because of the cosy atmosphere, modern working environment, and cool tools. Having a fun and supportive international team has undisputedly become the best part of working here.

Besides the great team, I also have an interesting job. The most important requirement for me as a designer is attention to details. Every project needs full commitment and attention. This is required of me every day in 3D modelling and doing calculations. My job is always exiting and I am constantly evolving because we have many international projects that we carry out with the help of innovative technology.

Our wonderful team, which is diverse in terms of ethnicity, gender, and age is what makes PCC Projekt special as an employer. Another great advantage of working here is the flexible work schedule, which takes into account my needs and wishes.

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