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Kristiina’s story

My journey in PCC Projekt began after graduating from university when I felt I wanted to pursue a professional career. Although I went to school in Tartu, I started looking for a job in Tallinn. I found a job advertisement for PCC Projekt and decided to apply. We left a very good impression on one another and shook hands.

There are many good things about PCC Projekt that attracted me and have kept me here. Most of all, I like my colleagues, who are all extremely talented and interesting people. I can freely communicate with them on any subject and we often spend time outside work. I like that there are many young people from different backgrounds working here – we have the opportunity to learn from each other.

I appreciate that my employer is always looking for ways to make working more efficient. This applies to professional growth as well as organisational culture. Everyone’s ideas are always welcome.

Aside from all of the above, I like being able to communicate with foreign clients. I have repeatedly visited a client’s office in Sweden – the opportunity to take part in international projects has given me a great deal of professional experiences.

The most important thing is to take maximum advantage of opportunities and be interested in growth. I try to apply this principle in my daily work. My main tasks are modelling buildings and making drawings, which take up most of my time. I also interact with my co-workers – ask them for advice or mentor new employees. I also communicate with clients or engineers who work on different parts of the project.

When I arrived here, I knew nothing about PCC Projekt, but now, I could not be more satisfied with my job, colleagues, and supervisors. I see that the employer values me, recognises my efforts, and wants to contribute to my personal growth and the growth of the company.

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